Thursday, December 22, 2011

Washing Burlap And Putting It On The Table

Switching gears a little from all the rubbing and buffing that's been going on around here.  Did you know that you CAN wash smelly burlap.  I wasn't sure if you could without ruining it, but, I decided to throw it in the wash and see what happened.  It didn't disintegrate so that was a plus.  It did still have a slight smell after coming out of the washer.  Into the dryer with SEVERAL dryer sheets it went.  It came out like a giant puff ball.  Actually it looked like a comfy throw blanket. 

The dryer sheets made it smell nice, but I had to shake it out (outside) A LOT.  Lots of burlap fibers floating around!  After ironing it with lots of steam it went back to a nice flat, non-smelly, although slightly more puffy looking piece of burlap.  Really it just looks soft now.  Just thought I would share the outcome, in case there are any other burlap lovers out there that can't stand the smell and are curious about throwing it in the washing machine.  I use it on my dining room table sometimes so being clean and smell free is a good thing!


~Renew Redo~


  1. Oh look at you and your pretty tablescape! I've been wondering if you have lots of plates and glassware or if you're making all these different tablescapes reusing a lot of things?

  2. I think it looks better! Thanks for experimenting for us :)

  3. Just found your blog, love it. If you wash burlap again, take a wash cloth or a hand towel wet it and pour in a cap of Good Liquid Fabric softener, it will help better with the scent, if you can find one that has vanilla in it it will actually absorb the scent.
    Love you table, just lovely
    Merry Christmas


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