Friday, October 12, 2012

Fuchsia & Red Dining Room

Ahhhh, fuchsia and red.... LOVE it!!  Feels so pretty.  I posted before, that I was wanting to add a bit of fuchsia into my mix.   Here is a quick look at my dining room.  All of this is still in the "works".

I told you I was going slipcover crazy!! I made another slipcover with my fuchsia and wine red velvets.  I made this slipcover pretty much the same ways as the little chair slipcover I did.  You can click here to see the ruffled chair slipcover "how to".
The seat, the sides, and the front ruffles are the fuchsia velvet and the back and back ruffles are wine red velvet, with black ribbon bow ties.  I thought the mix would be pretty.

So, what's underneath that slipcover you ask.  It's actually that bench that I reupholstered in blue velvet, for a different room.  Click here to see the blue velvet post.  

Isn't she pretty!

What do you think? Hmmmmmm? 

Oh and here is a sneak peek looking in the other direction 

More on all the goings on soon!

~Renew Redo~

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