Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Can You Do With Hollow Core Doors?!

Hey you guys! Hope you're having a wonderful week!  Not working too hard and all that jazz.  My mother-in-law is in town, from "across the pond" as they say, so I feel like I'm not getting much of anything done, other than a whole lot of relaxing.. Ahhhhh, nothing wrong with that, right!  Thankfully she's not the stressful type, and I'm not just saying that because she happens read this little blog! ~ HA,  : ) You're great, really, you are!  love u!! : )

So since I've been sooo distracted from finishing up the dozens of projects I have going on, here is a little bit of a recap of a DIY I've already posted a little bit about.   Remember the Hollow Core doors, which I like to call... a girl's DIY bestfriend, cuz you can do a lot with them.

Here is another project I did recently in my living room, using the hollow core doors and another blown up image I created on the computer from a photograph I took.  I was going for sort of an ink blot look for a  modern feel.

In the image above, I painted a 2" black strip around the edge of the door for a framed look, then used spray adhesive to attach the image in the center of the door.  I also had my image laminated to give a glossy look as if it's behind glass.  Turned out well I think, and very inexpensive to do.

I was thinking that these doors would be great for people living in apartments or rental homes where you can't paint your walls.  You could use paint rather than an image for big blocks of color on the wall.  Paint them in solid colors or do a paint splatter for a modern look

Again, the options are endless.  Just a thought! : )

What do you think?

~Renew Redo


  1. great idea for the doors they turned out fabulous!

  2. Love the idea! And they're probably a ton lighter than stacking plywood together.

  3. The doors are awesome! all three of them. Where did you have them blown up at? It says you printed them at home and my first though was 'how big is her printer'.

  4. How do you hang them to the wall?


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