Thursday, October 25, 2012

Living Room Sneak Peek ~ And Have You Ever Been Picked Up?

Hey!  Guess what I've got pictures!! Not many! But a couple.  So this is really more of a sneak peek post, with a little bit of a back story. Remember that family room I was redoing for a woman I met in a fabric store?  The room where she didn't wan't to paint or change the carpet, mainly just update her furniture for a new look.  Here was part of the room, before I got my hands on it.

So, I don't think I told you that story of how she and I met.  Let me give the short version!  It all took place in a fabric store.  She was in the fabric store when I arrived.... dun dun dunnnnnnn (cue the dramatic music).  I had noticed that she was walking around with a swatch of fabric in her hand and was asking the woman behind the counter lots of questions and looking through books of fabric and so on.  Of course I noticed!  One, because I'm nosy when  it comes to people picking fabrics, and two, because the fabric store isn't that big so you kinda can't help but notice.  So anyway, you know that feeling you get when you want to butt in and offer your opinion even though nobody asked you for it?  Well, I had that feeling really, REALLY, bad, and finally I couldn't take it any more, so into the conversation, (she was having with the counter lady) I barge.  "So what cha working on?" I say, or something to that effect... and then about a half hour later we've picked several fabric choices for her daughters bedroom and she's taking me home to look at the room for suggestions.  The rest is history!  Or lots of room redo's!  So far we've done her daughter's room, son's room, living room, and are currently still working on her family room, with several rooms to go.

Look at that sofa!! Isn't it just dreamy! 

More pictures very soon, with all the details!

So have you ever picked up someone in a fabric store... or been picked up?? 
Seems crazy I know but I figured... shoot, I'm bigger than her.. if she tries anything... I can take her! lol
Not really, I could just tell she was a good girl! And, I was VERY right!

~Renew Redo~


  1. haha! great story! and yes I LOVE that sofa! **heavy sigh**

  2. Looks good so far, can't wait to see all of it.

  3. I love that and I know the feeling of just having to say something! Happens to me all the time! LOL

  4. I love that Chesterfield sofa, it is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the reveal, I am sure it is going to be stunning like the rest of your projects!

  5. I've had similar experiences but never been asked to go to someone's home. One woman at Home Depot asked for my opinion picking out tile for her bathroom. Her tile workman was arriving that morning to do the job. I love it when I'm occasionally asked for my opinion and I jump right in. It's fun. Look forward to seeing what you do.

  6. I remember you looking for a white chesterfield - It made me start looking! for like 2 hours (I could not find a "resonable" resource.) Can't wait to see the rest! Oh - I do offer advice. All the time.;)

  7. I actually got a gig in a fabric store once.

    Me and the guy behind me in line were chatting about how crowded it was (it was right before Christmas). He was buying a lot of upholstery fabric, and I asked him for what, and he told me he was a set designer.

    I told him I worked in visual effects (this is LA...) and he said it just so happened his production needed help with an effects shot the following week! You hear about networking all the time but that was the only time it ever happened for me in line at a Joann fabrics, lol.


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