Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is almost here, so I thought I would revisit my outdoor decorations this year, one last time.  I never really talked about what I did out there.  So here goes,
Here is my poor bare door, when I started,
Then my Grim Reaper came out to play.  Oooooh spooky!  I used dead tree limbs, dirty garden stones and old pieces of wood, trying to create a sort of decrepit old cemetery feel.

Then there is my mummy and spider on the other side of the door.  Again I used some dirty garden stones, and then some broken and non-broken pottery, and dead grass.  The dead grass part takes some planning. 

And then my poor skeleton, the birds have picked him to the bone.  And then more broken pottery and dead grass, as well as dried ornamental grasses.

A tip or trick (pun know trick or treat) an easy way to make a spider web looking back drop is to use gauze that you use for a wound.  Just pull it apart all the way to a single mesh like layer.

Happy Halloween!!!

Trick or Treat???


~Renew Redo~

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