Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Decorating With Mason Jars!

I always decorate my staircase for Christmas, and it's always one of my most favorite places to walk by (down or up) in the house.  So, this year it dawned on me... why not decorate the stairs for Thanksgiving!  Intro to the fabulous mason jar!  I found a box of mason jars in my garage a few weeks ago.   My Grandmother, who I refer to as Gram, had a vegetable garden for most all her adult life and would always can her excess veggies, some of which had ended up in my pantry.  I saved the jars of course.  I was so glad I came across them, just in time for my holiday decorating.  I used a few jars for shades on my chandelier, and the extra jars I decided to hang, going up the stairs. 

Here are a few pics of what they look like during the daytime.  I used dried flowers in some jars, with green potpourri type filler in the bottom.

I wrapped some of the jars with brown postal paper, and filled with dried flowers, and others I filled with coffee beans and tealight candles.

I also placed tealight candles on each stair.  I love the look of the stairs in the evening when I get to light the candles.  Here are a few pics when the lights go down... (sorry these pictures and kind of blurry)

I love these jars, and you can fill them with anything.  Like, fresh flowers, fruit, nuts, and combinations of the same.  You can write quotes on the brown paper, or wrap the jars with raffia, or twine, the possibilities are endless.  Ode to the mason jar!

Or... go jarless!  Just tie dried grass, wheat, or flowers to the rails with raffia.

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~Renew Redo~

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