Thursday, December 6, 2012

Progress Report ~ Gold and Gray!

Ahh the holidays!  Makes the usual busy month look like child's play!   Right?!  I feel as though I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Anyone else got that feeling these days?  I haven't even really started on my own Christmas decorations this year.  That is strange for  me.  Normally my halls are decked the week before day after Thanksgiving! ~Ha!

So, on to the good stuff... the decorating stuff.  First off, a GIVE AWAY!  My bloggy buddy, Julia, over at Cuckoo4design is having her first give away!  She's giving away a "custom couples" silhouette!  Sweet right!  You could do you and your honey, or your kids...


She has an Etsy shop where she does other types of silhouettes too!   Check this one out (below).  It's like a piece of black and white silhouette POP ART!  

So hop over there and show her some love and support... and fingers crossed, win a "custom couples" silhouette!

So what have I been doing you ask.  I've been working on this room for a while.  You can see other posts about it here and here. This room is all about gold and gray.  All neutrals... but not boring!

Here it is still "In Progress!"

Couple of things still to be done.  Ok, well, lots of things still to be done.... but it's getting there.  

There are four chairs that are getting ready to be reupholstered in a pretty gray velvet.  

There are accessories to be worked out.  An area rug to be laid.  Curtains ties to be  made, and a lot of other little odds and ends..... but we are in the home stretch.

Looking in the other direction.

In progress!

Check out this dazzler of an end table.  It's a DIY'd table!  There are still a few finishing touches to be done, but it's gonna be a dazzler! I'm a sucker for sparkly things! 

So how's your month going?  Busy?  Got all your Christmas decorating done yet?  How about your Christmas shopping?  

~ Renew Redo!~

PS..  Isn't he just sooo stinking cute! And... secure enough to lay in a bed of pink!



  1. Sammy that table deserves its own post! LOL

    That room is really looking awesome - this is the lady from the fabric store right? She's so lucky she found you!!!!

    We're getting ready for Christmas and Ruby's Birthday Party over here so busy busy!

    1. So many good pictures I almost forgot to tell you that after recently being nominated for a couple awards - I wanted to share the love with you (you know I love your blog right?)!

  2. I love the mirror behind the sofa, it is absolutely gorgeous! So far the room redo is coming along beautifully, can't wait to see when it is finished. I have been very busy lately, not because I am getting ready for the holdiays, but because my home and my community was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. I am hoping to get a Christmas tree this weekend and start gearing up for the holidays.

  3. yes,lucky lady from the fabric shop. room looks amazing!

  4. Thank you soooo much for the shout out Sammy!
    The room looks amazing! I want that couch!
    What a cute puppy. I love a big puppy nose!

  5. That room looks fabulous! The mirror-WOW.
    Can't wait to see it finished.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Loving your blog! That mirror is fab--love it!


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